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Dry Eye Specialist

Dry Eye Specialist, Scarborough, ME 

Are your eyes dry more often than not? Does it feel like something is stuck in your eyes but there’s nothing there when you check? If this sounds like you, you might have dry eye syndrome. People often think of dry eye as a minor inconvenience, but the reality is it can affect your daily life and even your vision. Our dry eye specialists in Scarborough, Maine offer a range of treatments to help you find relief from dry eye symptoms and improve your overall eye health. 

What is dry eye?    

Dry eye disease happens when your eyes don’t make enough tears, or your tears evaporate too quickly. Tears help you see clearly, lubricate your eyes, and protect against infection, so proper tear production and drainage are critical to maintaining optimal eye health and vision.  

Many people with dry eye may not realize what’s causing their symptoms. Often, people mistake dry eye for allergies because the two conditions share similar symptoms. Consulting with our dry eye specialists in Scarborough can help you identify the underlying cause of your symptoms and determine the best treatment. 

Common dry eye symptoms in Scarborough, ME  

Symptoms of dry eye disease can range from mild to severe and may include:  

  • Eye discomfort or pain  
  • A burning or stinging sensation in the eyes  
  • Itchy, red eyes 
  • A gritty sensation in your eyes  
  • Blurry vision  
  • Sensitivity to light  
  • Increased tear production (watery eyes)  

If left untreated, severe cases of dry eye can lead to more serious problems such as corneal ulcers, infections, and scarring.  

Common causes of dry eyes in Scarborough, ME 

One significant cause of dry eye is meibomian gland dysfunction, which affects the oil-producing glands in your eyelids that help keep the tear film stable. When your meibomian glands become blocked or clogged, they can no longer produce an essential part of your tears, leading to dry eye.  

Other causes of dry eye include aging, hormonal changes, and environmental factors like air conditioning or heating. Dry eye can also be a side effect of certain medications, such as antihistamines, antidepressants, and blood pressure medications. Additionally, dry eye is linked to many underlying health conditions, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, rosacea, and Sjogren’s syndrome. 

How is dry eye syndrome diagnosed?     

Diagnosing dry eye is an important step in finding the right treatment plan for you. During a comprehensive eye exam at Seacoast Vision Care, our experienced optometrists will evaluate your symptoms and perform tests to assess the quantity and quality of your tears. This allows us to pinpoint the underlying cause of your dry eye and tailor a treatment approach specifically for you. 

Dry eye treatment in Scarborough, ME 

Once we have a clear understanding of what is causing your discomfort, we can recommend the most appropriate treatment options for you. For patients with mild to moderate dry eye disease, over-the-counter artificial tears or lubricating eye drops may be sufficient to provide relief. These eye drops work by supplementing your natural tears and helping to keep your eyes moist and comfortable throughout the day. We may also recommend lifestyle changes like staying hydrated, using a humidifier, or taking breaks from screen time.  

In more severe cases of dry eye, prescription medications may be necessary to reduce inflammation and improve tear production. Another treatment option is punctal plugs, which are tiny devices inserted into the tear ducts to block drainage and help keep tears on the surface of your eyes longer. 

If other treatments are ineffective, we may recommend the following in-office procedures: 

OptiLight IPL Therapy
ZEST (Zocular Eyelid System Treatment)

Visit our dry eye specialists 

It is important to remember that managing dry eye syndrome is an ongoing process. While there may not be a cure for this condition, with proper treatment and care, you can significantly improve your symptoms. Regular visits with your eye doctor are essential in monitoring your progress and adjusting your treatment plan as needed.  

Don’t let dry eyes interfere with your daily life any longer. Contact Seacoast Vision Care in Scarborough, Maine today for expert diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome.